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Fundraiser Ideas

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1 Fundraiser Ideas on Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:14 am


Fundraiser Ideas

HI All! This document has been created to start compiling all ideas for fundraisers. Please feel free to add comments below and I will compile them all here. If you have already posted an idea, (I have seen some good ones) don't worry, I will go through all the posts and add it here as well.

I am listing the names of the people or person who suggested these items, since they may have information regarding the topics and the person who follows through with this list may need to contact them.

Thank you All!!!! and.... a big Thanks to Jennifer for keeping us organized!

Suggested by Renee F.: In Gaston County, they we able to raise $4 million for Smart Boards for every classroom by knocking on doors of churches, businesses, civic organizations and individuals for donations and funding.

Suggested by Amanda L.: What about the fundraiser RCES did earlier this year like asking for donations and it is a tax write off for individuals and businesses too?

Suggested by Susy T.: I have a nice house for sale. In this market? Ha! Remember what Friends for Animals did a couple of months ago? He put his house up for raffle! Yep, it was a 100.00 per ticket contest and the stipulation was that enough tickets would have to be sold to not only get the asking price for his home, but also to raise at least 50K for FFA. The contest wasn't really publicized well and only 30K worth of tickets sold, so they did a 50/50, no one won the house but a lucky winner got 15K and so did FFA! I will gladly use my house as a prize if a lawyer will set it up. Friends for Animals can advise on how it was done. If it is well advertised and it runs for say, 4 months and enough people from across the country buy tickets...imagine! Do y'all know how many people in Burke County have a house for sale???? LOADS. If ONE raffle is successful, people will be scrambling to do it too. Only thing is they get to pick the charity and we have to convince them to do it for BCPS! There is nothing to lose. If the target amount of money isn't raised for someone to WIN the house and have at least 50K extra for the schools, then there's the 50/50 and I'm still stuck selling the house which is no different than where I am today. (Additional comment added by Shane Cook: If we could keep the purpose relatively neutral I MAYBE able to get the Burke County Board of REALTORS to help, even advertise. Maybe a few of the Catawba Realtors.)

Stacey R. Raised $25,000 for Forest Hill by doing an auction. Her suggestions are as follows: My thoughts are to do something "BIG" to generate "Big" dollars. Get the community involved..sponsors, etc... We typically generate $20,000 just at Forest Hill. They key is to get a large sponsor base..I have some ideas..but would rather not post. This has to be a "out of the box"..creative idea....something different...I will do some research on this. How much $$ is the goal for a fundraiser..I have several vendors/contacts who would probably contribute their services for the cause..

Suggested by James C.: School nights at local restaurants. We can contact owners of Wendy's, Domino's, Chic-fil-a, KFC. Most of these franchisees are local too. We can call them and ask them to participate in a fundraiser for Schools. I know most of them already have a positive policy for this. Some will give as much as 10% of total sales on a specific night. This has been done on a small scale before, but the thought of getting every restaurant in Burke County involved on different nights would net a profit 2 fold. More people would Buy in Burke and it would be great PR for us and the restaurants. Not to mention if we put SOS signs outside of a lot of restaurants. We would need to contact PTO at schools to get the word out.

Suggested by Susy T.: I know this is a little bit "out there" but my mind keeps searching for ways... what about getting local businesses to sponsor fundraisers? Say we get t shirts from James with sponsor businesses names printed on them and wear them at fundraisers...kinda like in little league Smile

Suggested by Tim W.: We could have a spring festival. I have a friend that can do the music and we did a motorcycle run one year and made good money.

Suggested by Randy B. and Jimmy W.: Asking local celebrities to come and do a benefit concert. Mentioned were: Benton Blount (Randy contacted), Eric Church, Throwdown Jones, Justified, Scott Davis Band. A concert like the "over the mountain concert" would be great. (Eric Church played at that). We would need a venue large enough to do it.The "over the mountain" concert was held at freedom park over the course of two days

Suggested by Cathy N.: A silent auction. Get donations from local business like 2 nights stay at a hotel, free dinner for 2, etc and have people come and bid on them. You could set up a facebook page so they can bid there! I am willing to get the hotel stays for you even though I am in Hickory. There are still alot of people hear that have kids in Burke County!

Suggested by Amanda D.: Money raising idea- FUNRUN...I suppose you can google it. My daughter's school did it as a fundraiser. They did great- and the kids liked it better than selling cookies or wrapping paper (Mark and Ginger Stinson have experience with this since they do the Cupid's arrow race every year at RCES.)

Other ideas:
Websites to reference for private funding ideas: http://schools.nyc.gov/fundforpublicschools/

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