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Budget Workshop Results

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1 Budget Workshop Results on Sat Apr 16, 2011 5:57 pm


Budget Workshop
from April 14, 2011

On Thursday, 4/14/2011, the BCPS Board of Education held an open budgetary work session. During this session, the public was invited to share their input with the Board regarding the budget for 2011-2012. After a brief introduction in the auditorium, the public divided into 15 groups, each led by a group facilitator. The groups were given the task of finding $12 Million in order to "balance" the budget for the 2011-2012 school year. Board of Education members moved from group to group to hear the concerns of the citizens. After the group sessions ended, the group worksheets were collected as well as any individual worksheets that members of the public wanted to share.

The budget worksheets submitted from the budget workshop on April 14, 2011 (held at 6 pm at PHS) have been scanned and are downloadable. Click the the link below to view the submitted forms.

Budget Worksheets with a colored background represent group/room responses.
Budget Worksheets with a white background represent individual responses, unless otherwise noted.

All ideas have been compiled below and shown in the Budget Worksheet Summary of Ideas. Ideas that were listed multiple times in the worksheets have only been listed once (unless there was a unique difference among the suggestions). Be sure to use the link on the toolbar (1-100 >) to look at additional pages of information.

Note: the fund balance used in this workshop was the balance as of July 1, 2010.

As you review these documents, keep in mind that these notes and ideas were collected in "brainstorming" sessions and that participants did not have the opportunity to review and edit their responses.

4-11-2011 ALL Financial Options - Everyone.pdf

Make sure teams carpool to schools. We need to make sure multiple vehicles are not used unless absolute necessary.

Cut Certified Supplements (25%)

Eliminate expenditures for consultants

Satellite stations for maintenance & buses

Look at teachers with action plans in place first (even before non-tenured)

Summer staffing?

Technology spending?

Choose education software more carefully (Study Island, Classcape, materials, etc.)

Cut Certified Positions, Retirees, and Attrition (120)

Cut supplements for administrators
Why do we increase supplements for administrators for next year

Cut 34 classified positions

50 retired folks

Layoff - Performance based cuts plus principals' input

Cut 1 HR director - questions about why there are 2

Cut all cell phones

Cut all mobile units

Close schools at 5:00 pm

10% pay cut with a furlough

Cut maintenance positions

Look at taking a 5% to 10% pay cut across board, including the central office.

Cut purchase of software (Streamline)

Pay freeze at CO and administrative level

Refinance loans at a lower rate

Encouragement incentive for 30+ years retirees

Cut EC positions at CO level

Sharing custodial staff among schools

Cut Central Office Postage

Cut WP Symphonies

Eliminate Energy Administrator

Eliminate Behavior Specialists

10% cut in Central Office administrative staff

50 positions lost due to attrition

Cut BOE Staff Development and travel allotment

Cut software - just go to Apex

Continue w/substitute savings - use for salaries

Cut 50 certified positions

Cut Central Office staff supplements

Cut 50 classified positions

Salary for energy savings position, eliminate redundant positions

Attrition with hiring freeze

Eliminate online programs

Cut Strategic Alliance Manager

Reduce 54 positions based on 2 years low evaluations

Cut 1 HR Director

Combine Head Custodian/Safety manager

Cut 12 instructional coaches

Cut purchase of Library books for one year

5 year suspension middle school sports (rent school facilities to recration leagues - possible revenue)

Use Google Apps - McDowell saved $400,000

Eliminate administrative staff blackberries/data plan

Cut Staff Development

Cut 100% supplements

Reduce subs line item to $500,000

Cut 100% Administrative bonuses

Cut 100% non-certified supplements

1/4 reduction in supplement (cut adm)

Cut academic coaches and subject area

No tile or painting

Cut how ever many certified and classified positions it takes to balance the budget

Cut low performing teachers (54)

Cut Driver's Education

Cut supplements

Cut instructional coaches (7) 2 per school

Eliminate vehicles used for personal use

Eliminate Staff Development

Cut 80 certified positions
(no losses of these assuming retirement)

Cut 15 classified positions

Cut funding for athletic departments - in other states, students pay 100% of their expenditures

Cut supplements for non-certified personnel

Retire plus 10 teachers - attrition

Cut 70 certified positions

Cut 12 classified positions

Cut 70 classified positions

Cut mileage

Cut/Reduce certified supplements (50%)

Cut Instructional Coaches

Cut/Reduce non-certified supplements (50%)

Cut custodial - teachers may be willing to clean their own classrooms

Cut 100 certified positions

Temporarily eliminate textbook funds

Cut or reduce board compensations. Eliminate professional development and other allotments.

Cut 10% pay for all administrative offices/central office administration

Reduction in guidance counselors (4)

Do not replace Retirees (50)

Dismiss staff that have been on Action Plan for 2+ years (estimate 20? countywide)

Cut coaching supplements

Cut 40 certified positions

Cut 30 classified positions

Cut Safety Officer positions

Cut behavioral specialists

Eliminate IT positions

Cut/Reduce Certified and Non-Certified Supplements
(*only if used for teaching positions)

Combine NC WISE and Secretary positions

Cut #87, #78 staff development

Cut #134 travel

Cut #78 Cultural Arts

Cut Principal and Assistant Principal supplement (decrease)

Reduce substitute allotment

Eliminate staff development (elementary) teachers and Adm.

Eliminate consulting fees

Reduce maintenance crossovers (duplication)

Suspend facility renovations unless absolute necessary.

No reduction in supplements - remain the same

Cut Payables staff

Reconsider consolidations
$500,000 per school

Athletics - make county conference/shorter drives

Use $3 million from fund balance

Alternate calendar/school day

Limit non-conference games

BIO Diesel/transportation

Maintenance - look at more consistency & conservation

Use at least some of the fund balance

Busing radius/under 5 miles, provide own transportation

Use Fund Balance

Consolidate schools (do not close/move Glen Alpine or Hallyburton)

Recommend Retirement (buy-out)

Follow basic bussing requirements (investigate reductions)

Transportation - athletics - combine teams on buses - efficiency of bus routes

Allow CTE to support maintenance

Redistrict (redraw lines)

Consider creating magnet schools (no transportation or meals)

Close Family Connections in the summer

Try to get County Commission to fund more for the school system

Do not replace Family Connections Parents As Teachers director who is retiring in July

Consolidation of 4 original schools named

Consolidate high school class size - to eliminate classified positions

Fundraiser - Like United Way where people can choose to earmark donation to school fund

Consolidation of bus routes in order to do away with 2nd load routes being eliminated

Equitable distribution of materials and money across all schools

Reconsider consolidation of 6 schools (not Draughn)

Eliminate Library book fund for 1 year

Consolidate FHES and CES into WJMS

Decentralize maintenance - let principals do it

Can bus routes be contracted out? Redistricting to make transporation more efficient.

Consolidate Glen Alpine to WA Young and Oak Hill

Overwhelming support for consolidation this year

Consolidate Rutherford College Elementary to Valdese

Consolidate Icard to Hildebran and Ray Childers

Consolidate 2 schools

Use Fund Balance

4 day week for summer staff

Consolidate Rutherford College

Change calendar to 162 days with extended school days like Wilkes County

Hybrid school year (see attached Wilkes County info)

Do not use fund balance

Open bidding for TP (toilet paper) and other supplies

Give sports back to the community

Extend day by 45 minutes - only go 162 days (future)

Contract maintenance

Return to consolidation plan (5) leave Hallyburton due to safety/security

Consolidate 3-6 schools

Put maintenance personnel in high schools to cover high school and surrounding schools

Change calendar to save over Spring Break

Pursue athletic costs

Redistrict to get true enrollment for each school

Solar energy projects (completely funded through private companies)

Outsource food, transportation, and custodial services

Eliminate Hallyburton Academy

Offer incentive to 25 to 27 years to retire

Eliminate Daycare at High Schools

Redistricting to reduce mobile units

Internet service through Google

Naming rights to stadium and auditorium over a 5 year contract (High School)

Naming rights to stadium and auditorium (Middle School)

Hybrid School Calendar

Consider consolidation in a timely manner

Convert our fund balance to offset deficit to save as many teachers as possible.

Convert some of our capital balance and lottery money for teacher salaries.

Create Custodial Teams for heavy cleaning. Instead of multiple full time employees at every location utilize teams on a rotation. Also could use EC or VR students to assist the custodian during the day.

Set up a program at each school for professionals to volunteer or offer their services.

Set up maintenance days at each school to save trips for one repair.

Eliminate duplication in administration

We do not need multiple layers of supervision for instructional and EC programs.

Coaching supplements from athletic fees

Contract out payroll and other services

Increase sales tax

Increase Sales Tax - 8%

Shift lottery $ to use in general fund

Reinstate Buy-in-Burke

Request $1 million from county capital fund balance

County funds from courthouse

Use Lottery money

Increase Sales Tax - .5%

Increase Property Tax - 3 cents

Future - raise property tax - earmark for schoools

Charge Transfer Fees or eliminate transfers

Raise sales tax 1 cent

Increase $5 Child Daycare

Renting facilities

Have an auction/sell used items

Pursue athletic costs

Charge Transfer Fees
$300-$500/student, 1300 students

Online program for home schoolers
Include home schoolers on athletic fees

Sell Mt. View to New Dimensions

Charge Transfer Fees

Ask each school to give a percentage to make up the difference

Write/apply for grants

Ask for private donations from big businesses/corporations

Sell Mountain View, College Street, all vacant buildings, including mobile units

Charge Transfer Fees
$500/child, 1300 students

Media advertising on buses, gym floors, baseball, football fields.

Charge Transfer Fees

Outreach to homeschoolers (even 1/2 day)

Sell naming rights to sports fields and gyms

Have companies sponsor buses

County-wide fundraiser

Sell vacant school building

Charge Transfer Fees

In-house county transfers, 500 students

Charge athletics for facility use (practices)

Charge $25 cell phone fee - if cell phones are confiscated then parents pay to pick it up - schools in other states do this.

County-wide fundraisers

Property Tax 3.2 cents

Sell Mountain View Elementary

Charge Transfer Fees
$100/student, BCPS Employees exempted

Sales tax - earmark 1 cent for public schools

PTA/PTO give X dollars per student

Raise middle school athletic ticket prices and reduct money given to them for athletics

Advertising - company called School Media - getting companies to advertise on school buses, fields, gyms. Could approximately gain $2 Million/year

Charge Transfer Fees

Application fee - $100; Out of district fee - $1000/year

Auction old technology

Involve home schoolers (enough to count in #'s)

Voluntary tax of $100 per family

Sell or lease Mountain View Elementary and other property (mobile classrooms, other property)

Rent rooms in closed schools like Pilot Mountain School which has become a mini-mall or restaurant

Sell buildings to parochial schools (St. Charles would like a school building)

Ask church to sponsor a school

Parking Sticker (increase)

Transcript fees (after 2 free - double fee)

Increase rental fees (occup. therapy)

ATM revenue (independent)

Original Source - http://www.burke.k12.nc.us/pages/budgetworkshop.aspx

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